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"Battle Gear LLC. specializes in bringing technology solutions to the tip of the spear, especially to the individual Special Operations warfighter.  We help connect the dots between the technology manufacturers and boots on the ground."
James King - VP Battle Gear, LLC



targeted and on-demand

We help clients with innovative technologies find customers who can purchase them. Our business pursuit strategies are scalable with the client's needs, and include the ability to employ Shipley methods.


high speed - low drag

We carefully select only the highest quality products and manufacturers to represent to the buying public. Our emphasis is in seeking out innovative, durable and dependable products to bring to the warfighting community.


there's still no substitute

We have blended the years of engineering experience and sales with our desire to serve our military to help bring useful technology to the warfighters who see combat . Our specialty is in serving the Special Operations community.

News and Events
You'll hear it here first.

20 May 2012
As I prepare to go to SOFIC in Tampa, I'll be sporting our new logo on my shirt.  Additionally, I may be bringing a sample of a fabric that makes Nomex look like gasoline! I'll also have a prototype of the new RTHD-2 Android handheld ... More

11 April 2012
Maneuver Center Industry Day
Today was a fantastic day seeing old friends here in Columbus Georgia.  James was able to identify two challenges .. . More

when only high speed - low drag will do
At Battle Gear, we know your life depends on it

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Because US Special Operators risk everything to serve us as "one nation, under God", we are fully committed to serve them at the professional and personal level.  Battle Gear unashamedly offers support to militaries combating Islamic terrorism, and will not support militaries that endorse jihad and sharia law. .

If you are our client or customer, your success is our business.  For this reason, we are selective about who we serve.  Fortunately, we still serve in a country that protects this freedom.